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Oxford High Performance Leadership Programme


What we are doing with the programme works for participants on three levels: Firstly, we are providing deep self-insight, secondly we provide tools, frameworks and approaches that help participants to confront and resolve tough leadership challenges; and thirdly, we change their perspective on their own leadership by expanding their understanding of what ‘leadership’ means in their context and challenging self-limiting beliefs.

Alison McQuater, Programme Director

"The most important idea that I took away is that you cannot expect to be the complete leader. You need to understand your strengths, work out where you can improve and where you should think about bringing in others."
Bruno Frossard, CEO, Techduto Tecnologia, Brazil

“It's amazing how something over a week can be life-changing, which I strongly believe the programme will be for me and others."
Liam McCabe, Director of Finance, University of Stirling, UK

"I found the coaching extremely helpful. My coach seemed to empathise deeply with my challenges, not just listening, but helping me navigate a way to solutions, and encouraging me to create an ambitious but achievable plan."
Zehra Zaidi, Team Leader, DAI/Europe, Pakistan

"A wonderful experience. The programme extended me and will help reshape me as a leader. I have new tools and techniques that I can take back to work and apply with my team and peers."
Paul Leuba, Financial Controller, Catholic Education, Western Australia

"I’m starting to think about how I can manage upwards to be successful. Without the discussions we’ve had on this programme there was a danger that I was becoming overstretched and overstressed."
Erik Armellino, International Head of Onshore Energy and Construction, Aspen Insurance, UK

"It's been great to spend a week out of the race and in the pit lane. The race goes on, but i've been with a dedicated team of technicians, engineers and experts and i am ready to rejoin with my engine tuned up, tyres refreshed, a full tank of petrol and with clearer tactics."
David Mason, Head of Finance, Campus and Commercial Services Group, University of Warwick, UK

"One of the role-plays demonstrated the dangers of misunderstanding the communication styles and expectations of different cultures. Because there were so many people on the programme from different countries and sectors we could find this out with no repercussions. Oxford has a very different approach. I want to do more executive development and I will do everything in my power to make sure I can do it here." 
Rinku Dokania, Senior Controller , GE Oil & Gas, Australia

"If someone asked my advice about joining this programme, I’d say they had to be extremely serious about wanting to examine their leadership. You have to be willing to lead conversations and to contribute. It’s about fully immersing yourself, and being willing to open up yourself to others, giving something rather than just taking from the process."
Delroy Beverley, Group Director, Incommunities Group Ltd, UK


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