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Global Challenges in Transport

Global Challenges in Transport

The Transport Studies Unit

The Transport Studies Unit's mission

The Transport Studies Unit seeks to advance innovative approaches to the study of 'transport futures' over time and space.

The Transport Studies Unit (TSU) takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of transport futures, drawing on relevant, state-of-the art developments in geography, environmental and transport studies, economics, sociology, psychology and the engineering sciences. We also draw on the full spectrum of available methods and underpinning philosophies for our research projects.

About the TSU

The TSU is a research centre based at the School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford. It has an established international research reputation in the fields of transport policy analysis, the development of new methodologies and behavioural studies. The TSU's mission is to maintain and enhance this reputation for excellence in research and to extend it into teaching. To this end, the TSU aims to be at the leading edge in national and international transport developments. Particular emphasis is placed on understanding the social, economic and environmental implications of transport over both time and space. The TSU's work ranges in geographic scale from the local to the global, and the full spectrum of quantitative and qualitative research techniques is deployed.

Most TSU staff are full time researchers and scientists working on specific externally funded projects within these fields of research although we also host a number of academic visitors working more independently on cross-cutting issues.

The TSU is committed to:

  • undertaking integrated and collaborative research;
  • creating dynamic partnerships with government, business, NGOs and the public;
  • informing public and corporate policy and the wider community; and
  • making our research insights accessible to all.



Transport Studies Unit