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Global Challenges in Transport

Global Challenges in Transport

Oxford Leadership Programme: Global Challenges in Transport Series

Oxford Leadership Programme: Global Challenges in Transport Series

Join us on this series of four independent programmes, providing a unique opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the major challenges facing transport over the next 20 years, and to revolutionise how you think about developing the solutions. Be exposed to the latest thinking from field-leading university experts, meet international industry leaders, network with peers and participate in in-depth debate and discussion - all in the unique environment of Said Business School, University of Oxford.

Partnering with the Transport Studies Unit, University of Oxford, we are delighted to invite you onto these programmes, designed to help the current and future leaders shape the future of sustainable transport.

The University of Oxford's Transport Studies Unit is a world-class centre at the leading edge of national and international transport developments and research, with particular emphasis on transport futures, understanding the social, economic and environmental implications of transport over time and space.

The series is split into 4 distinct 4 day programmes, which can be taken separately or in conjunction with each other:

Governing Transitions in Urban Transport: 26 - 29 June 2018

Cities are increasingly the places where technological, behavioural and institutional transitions in transport have the greatest impact. This course explores how such transformations can be facilitated and steered through policy and planning.

Infrastructure, Development and Finance: 4-7 Sep 2018

The planning, management and appraisal of transport infrastructure plays a critical role in economic development. This course introduces a range of approaches to thinking about transport investments, from megaprojects to small-scale infrastructure developments.

Health, Wellbeing and Transport: 4-7 Dec 2018

Increasingly, concerns about health outcomes in a range of contexts are linked to transport and mobility issues. This course considers health, wellbeing and social equity across spatial scales, geographical contexts and transport modes.

Smart Technologies and Changing Behaviours: March 2019, Dates TBC

Globally, transport is undergoing important changes in technology and user behaviour. This residential course offers the latest thinking on how such changes can be understood, and what their interactions mean for the future of transport demand.

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