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In this paper, we explore how L&D can best support firms in leading strategic change, contributing in particular to the implementation phase of such initiatives. Rather than seeing change as a one-off exercise at a single moment in time, we consider the skill-sets, behaviours and mind-sets which will best enable change to be embedded in a firm, and give examples of how L&D has been used as a strategic lever to create these capabilities.

As a core element of this work, we discuss how the L&D function must connect closely both with senior partners and the HR team to ensure alignment of objectives and also to minimise any derailment of the change process.

Building your firm’s ‘Organisational Learning Maps’

Board-level imperatives for effecting change successfully *

Questions to consider as you build an ‘Organisational Learning Map’ to maximise your firm’s capability to change

Building momentum 
for change
Is L&D working with the Board to create the agile mindsets needed to deal with change and ambiguity?
How are you using L&D to understand the ‘emotional structure’ of your firm and its readiness for change?
Creating and 
communicating the vision
Do your leadership programmes build skills in creating and communicating a compelling vision of the future?
Taking first steps
and quick wins
Does L&D work with your Board to define criteria for what success will look like after the change process – and the new skills/behaviours you will see in the firm?
Embedding the change
As the change project progresses, are you tasking L&D with considering how to embed new behaviours and skills in updated L&D curricula?

*Adapted from Kotter’s eight-step process to successful change: J. P. Kotter, Leading Change (Harvard 2012).


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