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Webinar: Winning with IT in the 21st Century

6 ways organisations are winning or losing with IT
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In this recent webinar, Oxford Saïd experts Michael Earl and Dave Aron present 6 ways in which organisations are either winning or losing in IT in the 21st Century.

1. Listening and sensing

Are you embedding learning and diffusing knowledge about new trends throughout the organisation, or relying on one day events to further knowledge?

2. Inspiring digital identity

Are you using powerful digital narratives to engage stakeholders in times of complexity and change?

3. Outside-in approach to assets and capabilities

Are you utilising non-traditional assets and really unleashing talent?

4. A fully optimised digital portfolio

What can a hyper connected world offer in terms of value propositions? It's more than just e-commerce and apps.

5. Adaptive execution

Do you have a culture that supports experimentation across silos?

6. Value-centric leadership

How are you making decisions based on value and risk?

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