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Kelly Keates
‘It helped me to realise that being who I am and not being afraid to show it, makes me a better leader’
Thomas Dugan
'I have never sat for hours in the evening talking with people from Nigeria, and Hong Kong, and Iceland, and Spain and all of the other wonderful countries and people that were here. So it was enlightening from a business aspect, and from a cultural aspect'
'I always felt that women in leadership, if they’re being authentic, have a particular way of leading that might be a little more heart based, a little more consensus based – and that’s not always rewarded in business'
Edward Leung
Liberation Through Insightful Self-Reflection
Steven Yamshon
'It was three weeks away from the office, it wasn’t a diploma programme, and I had enjoyed the rigour of the diploma programmes. I wondered whether the OAMLP might not be challenging enough as a result. It happened to be the best decision I made, and it is undoubtedly by far the best programme I’ve taken so far.'
Rodrigo Jimenez
'So, let’s analyse why this is happening and why managing these complexities is so important'
Mahesh Joshi
'The environment at Oxford allowed all of us to think deeply on every subject and discuss with anyone including faculty. The openness and focus on sharing and meaningful discussions provided intense intellectual stimulation and the generation of new and productive ideas.'
Claire Moeller
'I found using the Edge/Values/Agenda to be just as powerful for my peers as it had been for me when I was introduced to the notion at Oxford.'
'I was able to step back and get new ideas and contemporary thinking on strategy, finance, marketing, corporate decision making - from fundamentals to highly complex concepts. This approach resonated deeply with me, combining practical tools with an intensity that forced me to think deeply.'
Fresh Insights
Share the experiences of our Oxford Advanced Management and Leadership Programme alumni, as they share the insights that they gained from spending three weeks in Oxford one year ago.
Round table discussion
Harnessing the big ideas to create impact
JR Klein
Listen as alumni of the Oxford Advanced Management and Leadership Programme discuss how the programme has had a lasting impact on them, their careers and their organisations one year later.
Dr Mohd Yakub
'What the OAMLP allowed me to do was analyse and look at leadership in a systematic way'
'I realised that this was an all-inclusive world class programme that would give me an insight into future global challenges, complex management issues and invaluable leadership skills for the 21st century.'
‘One of the major ideas that I took away from the programme was that an organisation needs to have a very clear sense of what it is, who it is, and the impacts that it makes on society.'
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