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Oxford Advanced Management and Leadership Programme


The programme delivers a transformational experience. You will leave Oxford more receptive to new ideas and perspectives, more aware of the challenges and choices that you face as a global leader, and more enabled to affect positive and lasting change on yourself, your organisation, and your society.

Through conversations with our faculty and our alumni, a number of core benefits have emerged.

An opportunity for self-reflection

The programme fosters an environment for deep and insightful self-reflection; facilitated by the diverse peer group, experienced and approachable faculty, dedicated personal tutors, and the thinking environment that Oxford creates.


Broadening horizons & perspectives

Through collaborative discussions and debates in the classroom, social interaction with a culturally diverse peer group, and world-leading and research driven teachings from faculty, participants are exposed to a plethora of new ideas, perspectives and approaches. In short, it re-invigorates ones passion for learning. 


A true transformational experience

The programme builds on these core elements to deliver real transformational experiences for its attendees. Participants see themselves visibly changing, and through the help of personal coaching and interactions with their peers - embrace this transformative experience and look to the future with renewed confidence and passion.


Exposure to cultural diversity

The programme attracts senior leaders from all over the world, operating in a range of different sectors. Any one peer group of around 40 attendees would typically represent over 20 nationalities from every continent on the globe. The convening power of Oxford to bring these cultures together creates a rich environment in which participants share ideas, challenges and life experiences and create friendships that last.


Frameworks for strategic thinking

The programme draws on the world-leading research centres of the University of Oxford to expose the participants to modern trends and approaches. Through discussing and debating these frameworks for strategic thinking in the classroom, over dinner with peers, and in personal coaching sessions – participants are able to implement their learnings, and combine these practical aspects of management with their own leadership agenda.


Validation of your leadership approach

At Oxford we firmly believe that there is no universal tool-kit for leadership success. Each leader must first understand, and embrace their own strengths and weaknesses in order to be an authentic and successful leader. By exploring and understanding your leadership, you will leave Oxford with renewed confidence and a sense of validation.

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'We focus on helping you to develop the mental frameworks and analytical skills you need to solve big problems in a complex world.'

Thomas Powell, Professor of Strategy, Said Business School

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Our Open Programmes have climbed to second worldwide in the Financial Times Executive Education Rankings, and for the fourth consecutive year we have maintained our number one position in the UK.

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