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MSc in Major Programme Management

MSc in Major Programme Management


Major programme management is a compelling career choice for ambitious people with a talent for managing and leading major programmes, who will find an extensive market for their skills. So much of government policy is delivered through major programmes, as is true for corporations who use major programmes to achieve their strategic ambitions, that the MSc in Major Programme Management has become a qualification with significant international stature and relevance.

Dr Atif Ansar, Programme Director


This MSc is the only masters degree to focus entirely on the management of major programmes, which are far more than simply scaled-up projects and need to be seen as temporary organisations in their own right. Distinct from the traditional practices of project management, the MSc in Major Programme Management provides you with the broad range of competencies central to the successful delivery of integrated solutions, which can be found amongst the best executive officers and general managers in organisations around the world. This is so much more than a project management course - not only in content, but in the access it gives you to senior project and programme managers from many sectors around the world. 

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Dr Atif Ansar

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