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Here are some case studies of MFE students working with the Careers team during their time on the programme:

Management consultancy

Background: Economics degree, limited internship experience

Student’s activity:

  • planned timeline of major consulting firm to recruitment via excel
  • attended careers fair and networked
  • Used Careers@Said and CareerConnect job portals extensively
  • Collaborated with classmates re. job info sharing and case interview prep
  • Major firm interviews Oct-Jan and second search Feb to end of April. Job offers in April/May

Result: Full-time Associate Consulting role with big-brand consulting firm

M&A – Targeting bulge bracket and boutiques

Background: Actuarial science and internships; one year full-time actuarial role with insurance companies

Student’s activity:

  • Researched role he wanted before arriving in Oxford
  • Prepped for interviews via guides
  • Cover letter and CV overhaul with Careers team
  • Applied to >25 banks/boutiques
  • Intensive interview prep, mocks with industry experts and advisors

Result: Full-time Investment Banking Analyst role with international bank

Diversified industries: fashion

Background: Degree in fashion and internship in a fashion house, preference for financial aspects of business

Student’s activity:

  • Talked through options/progress with diversified industries advisor
  • Took full advantage of IAs and mocks in order to try and secure a finance role in one of the major European corporates

Result: Full-time role as a Regional Controller with German consumer brand

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