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Integrative module: Responsible business
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Responsible business has been an increasingly important theme that has permeated all our teaching on the degree programme in recent years but now we have pulled the elements together to teach it in a dedicated and integrating module at the heart of the MBA. 

The Responsible Business* module will look at two broad areas: the design and purpose of the corporation itself, and the ethical decision-making of business leaders. 

Students will be required to think critically about the role of the corporation in society, including its relationships with stakeholders and its responsibilities towards them and to society at large. The discussion will build on topics that students are exploring in other parts of the programme (in GOTO, and the Accounting and Strategy courses, for example) such as the implications of the current challenges of modern capitalism, corporate responsibility and the motivations of social entrepreneurs. They will explore the issues through a variety of mechanisms such as participating in simulations and discovering the impacts of different decisions, through making and discussing presentations, and through developing a business plan or feasibility study. 

The module also focuses on the individual, on the nature of ethical dilemmas and decision-making, and on how business leaders can recognise and respond to issues with a moral dimension. This builds on the leadership skills that students develop throughout the programme, particularly in the Leadership Fundamentals course and potentially during the executive coaching component of the programme. 


*formally Responsible Leadership