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Oxford MBA: Entrepreneurship integrative module
Integrative module: Entrepreneurship
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The Entrepreneurship integration module both supports the Entrepreneurship Project, by placing it in a wider context and discussing entrepreneurship skills explicitly, and extends our interpretation of Entrepreneurship to cover entrepreneurial thinking in its widest sense. 

The module looks at entrepreneurship as the ability to effectively deploy resources to devise business solutions to complex and multifaceted challenges. It focuses on two main areas of entrepreneurship:

  • Social entrepreneurship: broadly defined to include innovations within firms and new business models that simultaneously address social issues and make profits; and
  • Technological entrepreneurship: innovation that occurs within the firm and that spurs new businesses.

The teaching staff thread together the formal learning from core courses to give students a strong conceptual and theoretical base from which to work. This then leads directly to the Entrepreneurship Project, in which students put theory into practice with “real” opportunities to build, consult with, advise and learn from entrepreneurial ventures. The module also looks at entrepreneurial activity in the context of approaching global challenges, such as those discussed in GOTO.

The module has been structured to reflect the approach taken in the core courses, but with flexibility to focus on areas of specific interest to students and to take advantage of current entrepreneurship activities in the Oxford community.

We regard entrepreneurial thinking as a vital contributor to innovations in businesses and within society as a whole. It relates closely to our integration module on the Global Rules of the Game, as entrepreneurs are typically those who are able to disrupt established models and norms, and re-set them in new and often better ways. Entrepreneurs are good relationship-builders, who can create value through using existing resources and combining them in fresh ways to solve problems.