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Global Opportunities and Threats: Oxford (GOTO)

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Global Opportunities and Threats: Oxford
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Global Opportunities and Threats: Oxford (GOTO) is an action-oriented problem-solving community geared towards addressing some of the most complex issues that the world faces today.

Students, alumni and faculty can connect via skills sessions, tutorials and the GOTO platform to discuss, debate, and drive new business ideas that address global issues. The community addresses problems across generations, across nations and across business sectors. This provides our students with the skills to solve complex challenges and to help them become innovative leaders.

The platform features curated content such as videos from experts and practitioners, Saïd Business School's student and faculty research and publications, infographics, images and debating forums exploring the central issues. Designed to stimulate thinking, GOTO convenes and inspires a wide range of people with a variety of viewpoints to come together to identify business opportunities and generate solutions to challenges arising from high impact global trends.

Central issues of high global impact are identified by experts and considered via the platform each year. 

GOTO provides students two critical things: 

  1. Access to Oxford’s most famous pedagogic institution: the tutorial. Oxford tutorials have sharpened students’ thinking, analysis, critique of evidence and powers of persuasion for centuries. 
  2. It allows a critical analysis of the global opportunities and threats that will be, or already are, part of the business landscape for the coming few years.

The project introduces students to the critical skills of linking large-scale, system-level trends to their own careers and to the opportunities available to their chosen sectors and regions. The course cultivates a broad perspective and deep insights and links the most pressing threats faced by the world with the corresponding opportunities for innovative organisations and individuals. GOTO is premised on the view that, as future leaders, students will be required to negotiate those links, and that Oxford is uniquely able to provide this breadth and depth.


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The topic for the 2017/18 MBA and Executive MBA students will be Healthcare.

GOTO Platform

View content relating to the topics investigated by the students, faculty and alumni.