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MBA Scholarship FAQs

When are Saïd Business School scholarship decisions made?

Scholarship decisions will be made within approximately one week of the final MBA admissions decision date (see our How to Apply page for these dates).  

How can I find out if scholarship decisions have been made for the most recent application stage?

Once scholarship decisions are made and the successful candidates notified, a notice will be posted on the post-offer intranet site to notify all other offer-holders. 

Is there a deadline for applying for Saïd Business School MBA scholarships?

Where there is a deadline by which candidates must apply in order to be considered for a Saïd Business School Scholarship, this will be listed in the scholarship information on our Saïd Business School Scholarships web page.  For all other Saïd Business School Scholarships, we recommend applying early to maximise the number of scholarship opportunities for which you are considered, however it is expected that there will be some scholarship funding available at every admissions stage. 

Am I eligible for any scholarships from Oxford University?

If you submit a complete application by the January deadline, then you are likely to be eligible for a variety of University scholarships. You should use the University’s Fees, Funding and Scholarships Search to see for which scholarships you are eligible. 

When are Oxford University scholarships usually awarded?

Most Oxford scholarships are awarded between late February and June. The approximate date by which decisions are expected to be made will normally be given in the scholarship information, as linked through the Fees, Funding and Scholarship Search

The Oxford scholarship I want to apply for requires me to submit a supporting statement with my MBA application, but my application has already been submitted. What should I do?

If the deadline has not yet passed (this is usually the January deadline, but you should check the scholarship information on the University’s website) you can email your statement to your admissions adviser and ask for it to be added to your application.  If the deadline has passed then unfortunately it is not possible to be considered for the scholarship because the eligibility requirement to submit the statement by the deadline has not been met. 

Can I still apply for admission if I am unsure how I will fund my MBA?

Yes, it is possible to submit an application without having finalised your funding arrangements; however we advise that you start looking at funding options as early as possible. Saïd Business School will assess your application on the basis of your suitability for study against our MBA entry requirements, not your financial situation. The application form asks you to indicate how you propose to fund your studies, but this information is purely indicative at the point of application. Once you have been offered a place on the programme, you will be asked to confirm how you intend to fund the programme fee. You will need to submit a Financial Declaration form to evidence this. 

Where can I find out about external funding opportunities?

Please see our External Scholarships web page. 

How will I know if new funding sources become available?

If we become aware of new external funding sources during the application cycle an information notice will be posted on the post-offer intranet site. It is therefore advised that offer-holders check this site regularly. Log-in details will be emailed to you once you have received your admissions offer.

All eligible offer-holders will be considered for any new Saïd Business School scholarships that become available during the application cycle, details of which will be added to our Saïd Business School Scholarships web page. 

What costs do MBA scholarships cover?

Where a partial scholarship is offered, this will contribute towards the MBA tuition fee. If a full scholarship is offered, this will cover the full programme fee and a stipend for living expenses. If a scholarship offers a living expenses stipend, the amount will be listed in the scholarship information on the School or University web pages and will also be listed in the formal scholarship offer.  

Am I eligible for a Clarendon Fund Scholarship and how do I apply?

If you apply by the January deadline, you are eligible for the University’s Clarendon Fund Scholarships. Nothing more than the standard MBA application is required. The University will contact successful candidates between March and April. 

How many scholarships are available from Saïd Business School?

In 2018-19 we have around 100 scholars who are fully or partially funded by Saïd Business School scholarships. 

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