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Consulting Development Programme

The Oxford Saïd Consulting Development Programme is designed to provide students with skills and insights relevant to a career in the consulting industry

It is a focused training programme based around the hiring processes of global consulting recruiters. It connects theory with practice through a series of practical workshops, recruiter-led case events and access to online resources and tools. The programme offers links with consulting recruiter events and networking sessions, providing opportunities to connect with practicing consultants from a variety of firms. The core programme also aims to strengthen the Consulting Oxford Business Network's (OBN) capacity for peer support for aspiring consultants.

The programme is offered by our Career Development Centre and is not part of the MBA course curriculum. It starts with your arrival at the School and continues through Michaelmas until the middle of Trinity term.

Improved career outcomes

The programme aims to improve students’ opportunities to secure their desired jobs in the consulting sector, by cultivating improved skills and industry insights.

Inclusive and competitive

The Consulting Development Programme aims to be inclusive by enabling the most committed participants to work at the most productive and intense pace, whilst allowing others to work at a slower pace, should they so choose. Participants cannot move to the next stage without passing one of the checkpoints or assessments along the way.

The programme is open to current MBA, 1+1 MBA, MSc Financial Economics and MSc in Law and Finance students interested in pursuing a career in consulting, especially strategy consulting, management consulting and boutiques where case interviews form a core part of the selection process. Whilst the programme is designed around consulting case interviews, it also aims to provide benefits to those looking at other industries in which consulting skills and case-type interview processes may be helpful and of interest.