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When should I apply?

We recommend that you apply as early as possible, as we are unable to guarantee places on the programme later in the year. We operate a rolling admissions process, so applications will be processed and places offered throughout the admissions cycle.

Am I suitable for the Oxford Executive MBA programme?

The Oxford Executive MBA Committee considers a wide range of criteria for admission to the programme. Please note that it is not possible for us to comment on an individual's suitability, or chances of success prior to application. However we are happy to receive and review your CV or resume if you need any further assistance regarding your application.

How is the Oxford Executive MBA programme structured?

The Oxford Executive MBA is a modular programme running over a period of 21 months and students must attend each of the full week-long modules. The programme commences in January and September each year.

Students attend intensive one week sessions in Oxford and at least two overseas modules. In between sessions, students undertake pre-course reading, assignment work, and practical extension activities before returning to Oxford for recapitulation, review, and assessment periods.

Modules start on Sunday evening with a pre-module dinner and finish on Friday evening. Each module includes a mix of subject areas and some independent study time whenever possible. Meals are provided at the Business School. 

What are the entry requirements for the Oxford Executive MBA?

We are looking for high achievers wishing to further their careers and evidence of this potential should be demonstrated by strong university/professional qualifications; a good GMAT score; demonstration of strong managerial experience in the chosen field of employment; strong references indicating current/future leadership potential; strong communication and team working skills.

Applicants who do not hold such qualifications may be considered if they have a very strong fast-track professional employment history, demonstrating their ability as a high achiever. Those applicants who fall within this category will need to submit a GMAT test with a score in excess of 600.

Do I have to take the GMAT? What score do I require?

It is compulsory for applicants with less than 10 years management experience wishing to be considered for admission to the Oxford Executive MBA programme to take the GMAT. GMAT scores can only be accepted if less than five years old. There is no minimum score required but candidates should aim for a score in excess of 600.

The GMAT makes up only one part of the application, which will be reviewed in full. Candidates for the Oxford Executive MBA who have at least 10 years' management experience may be exempt from the GMAT requirement, at the discretion of our Admissions Committee, however submitting a GMAT score is still highly recommended.

What level of English is required by the School?

If your first language is not English, you must supply suitable evidence that you have reached the relevant level before submitting your application. Please be aware of the following scores we expect: TOEFL iBT: minimum score – 110 (minimum required on each component: Listening – 22, Reading – 24, Writing – 24, Speaking – 25) or IELTS: minimum score - 7.5 (minimum required on each component: 7.0).

What type of work experience is required for a candidate to be considered?

It is generally expected that candidates will have practical experience at a managerial level. We do not specify a sector of business activity as the Oxford Executive MBA is a general management degree drawing candidates from many different sectors worldwide.

What do the fees on the Oxford Executive MBA include and are there scholarships available?

The Oxford Executive MBA fee includes tuition, college membership, membership with The Oxford Union, meals during the programme modules, essential reading texts and materials, and attendance at a number of programme-related functions.

In addition to personal expenses incurred, participants are expected to provide their own laptop computer, pay for travel to and from each module, and pay for accommodation for each module (excluding accommodation for the international modules in China and India, which is included). There are limited scholarships offered on this programme.  

With sponsorship, what if my organisation will make the time for me to attend but not provide tuition fees?

Your organisation must be fully supportive of your decision to study for the Oxford Executive MBA. If they are unable to provide tuition fees, you will need to make your own arrangements regarding funding or loans.

What is the relationship between Saïd Business School, the Colleges and the wider University? How does the Executive MBA fit into this?

The University of Oxford operates a collegiate system. This means that, in addition to being a member of a University Department (which, in the case of the Oxford Executive MBA, is Saïd Business School), students are also members of one of Oxford's many colleges.

The Oxford Executive MBA is taught centrally at Saïd Business School and the Master of Business Administration degree is awarded by the University of Oxford.

Do I have to come to Oxford for an interview?

If you are selected for an interview, you will be invited to come to the School and have your interview here. Candidates who are resident in the UK should expect to come to the School for an in-person interview. In the case of overseas candidates, if it is not possible for you to come to Oxford, we will arrange a telephone interview.

Can I visit Saïd Business School?

Yes, we welcome visits from prospective students. The best way to see the School and find out more about the Oxford Executive MBA programme is to attend one of our open evenings. If you are not able to attend one of these we ask that you contact us to arrange an appointment for a 'drop-in' session at the School. See our upcoming events.

What scholarships are available for the Executive MBA?

There will be a small number of scholarships available for the September 2018 and January 2019 intakes.  If you wish to know more about your eligibility and how to apply please contact the EMBA Recruitment Team at or on +44 (0)1865 610082.

Please refer to our Awards and Scholarships page for the most up to date information.

Can I apply for more than one intake at a time?

You cannot apply for more than one intake of the Oxford Executive MBA at the same time,  or more than once in any one academic year. The academic year runs from October until the end of September the following year.

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