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Build your business case

1) Identify your current strengths and weaknesses

Before you present a business case to your employer explaining why you think they should invest in sending you on the Oxford Executive MBA, you may find it helpful to perform a skills-gap analysis. Think through where you currently fit in your organisation and how the Oxford Executive MBA will enhance the contribution you make.

2) Clarify your objectives

Match your objectives in undertaking the Oxford Executive MBA to those of your organisation by researching the modules covered on the programme. The programme will encourage you to apply what you learn directly to your organisation and the assignments will enable you to analyse areas of your organisation and suggest relevant strategic opportunities for growth and efficiency. 

The entrepreneurship project is a unique part of the programme, allowing you to present a business case for growth to your organisation. The overseas modules are particularly important for gaining a strategic perspective on the challenges and opportunities presented by emerging markets.

3) Decide on the kind of sponsorship you want from your employer

The Oxford Executive MBA involves a substantial time commitment. With this in mind, the majority of students agree holiday arrangements to suit this intensive schedule as a consideration of how they will study the programme. You may also need to think about asking for full financial sponsorship from your organisation or part sponsorship.

4) Give your employer information about the programme

Presenting your case to your employer is likely to include information on how previous sponsors have benefited from the programme. 

5) Bring your sponsor to an open evening or information event

We organise regular events with the current class to which you are most welcome to bring your sponsor.

6) Talk with alumni

Attending an information event gives you the opportunity to meet current Oxford Executive MBA participants and to talk to them about their experience of the programme. If you would like further insight into how the programme has benefited individuals working within your industry, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will connect you with relevant alumni.