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Oxford DPhil Programme in Management Studies

Oxford DPhil Programme in Management Studies


All members of faculty who supervise DPhil candidates believe in and aim for the same very high standards, but how we achieve these may vary significantly and very much reflect different personal styles. That is really part of the joy of doing a DPhil; it is most definitely not a one-size-fits-all, standarised process. Each doctoral student's experience is going to be idiosyncratic, and shaped by the student, his or her supervisors, and the way that they choose to interact.

I work with students who are passionate about their subject, who strive to achieve excellence, who aim to publish in top-tier journals, and who value the deep insights that can be provided by tackling problems through a variety of perspectives.

Dr Felix Reed-Tsochas, James Martin Lecturer in Complex Systems and Associate Dean for Research

An updated list of faculty supervisors will be provided here shortly.  In the interim, you can browse our faculty listings for further information and contact us to enquire about supervisory capacity.

Disclaimer: We accept highly qualified candidates who are motivated to pursue a career in academia and research. Final decisions are made by a committee, not individual faculty members, so it is not necessary to contact potential supervisors to discuss your application.

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