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Oxford DPhil Programme in Management Studies

Oxford DPhil Programme in Management Studies


Our DPhil, a degree that corresponds to a PhD, offers students the opportunity to engage with internationally renowned faculty who are here to help you become an academic scholar.

While there are variations according to your subject area and your own experience when you join the programme, you can expect to have extensive training in all the principal research methods. These are typically taught in lectures and seminar-style classes, with some assessed work. In addition, you are encouraged to seek out and take courses in other departments – typically offered by departments in the Social Sciences Division although courses in maths, computer science, and the natural sciences may also be valuable – especially when your work has interdisciplinary elements.

This breadth of research training is essential if you are to progress in an academic career. You need to be able to make informed choices about the methods you employ even at this early stage. As your thinking develops and you begin to research more widely, you will naturally want to bring in other approaches.

From the second year of your DPhil, while you may still have some coursework, you will concentrate primarily on your thesis. For most students this is a hugely exciting and stimulating time, as they get to work closely with leading academics in their field and to explore their own interests in greater depth. Our student-to-faculty ratio means there is plenty of interaction and individual attention, and many students have co-published with their supervisors.


There are two pathways you can take to achieve your doctorate

  1. Financial Economics pathway - The Financial Economics pathway embraces subjects such as asset-pricing and corporate finance, the design and regulation of securities markets, corporate financial policy and the impact of financial markets on real economic activity.

  2. Management Research pathway - This pathway encompasses research areas such as accounting, professional services, technology and operations management, strategy and innovation, organisation studies, management science, megaproject management, marketing, international business and integrating and improving healthcare.


The DPhil thesis should not exceed 100,000 words and must be a substantial contribution in management studies and finance. You can adopt a range of methodologies and approaches, but your contribution in the field of theory, methodology or empirical results should be relevant enough to be published as a book, or as a series of academic articles.

Support and guidance

Each student is assigned two supervisors. Supervisors oversee your study and research and advise you on your thesis through regular meeting sessions. 

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