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Oxford Diploma in Organisational Leadership

Oxford Diploma in Organisational Leadership

Programme outline

Led by Professor Sue Dopson and other world-leading faculty in the areas of leadership, organisational behaviour and strategy the Oxford Diploma in Organisational Leadership is a programme with a distinct intellectual edge, designed to embed knowledge but also to question assumptions about management practice.

The programme is based on four modules of teaching in the areas of organisational development, organisational design, strategy and leadership:-

1. Leadership Fundamentals

Leading individuals and groups effectively is the key to organisational excellence.  This module is designed to help you meet these challenges by providing a framework for managing individual and group performance. 
Topics covered:

  • Managing change
  • Motivation and incentives
  • Groups and teams
  • Culture
  • Managing with power
  • Managing complex systems
  • Personality and leadership

2. The Strategic Mindset

Strategy is concerned with the long-term success of the organisation as a whole and this module considers both the strategy of individual business units (competitive strategy) and the nature of strategy for the multi-business firm (corporate strategy).
Topics covered:

  • Goals and strategies
  • Competitive advantage
  • Industry analysis
  • Strategy and change
  • Diversification
  • Global strategy
  • Managing the multi-business enterprise

3. The Strategic Leader

Module three reflects on the nature of leadership. The approach is analytical; you will study traditional and contemporary theories about leadership and be encouraged to examine your own leadership style, as well as that of others. 
Topics covered:

  • Classic approaches to leadership
  • Leading through networks and relationships
  • Leadership as a psychological construct
  • Charisma and influence
  • Leadership, legitimacy and reputation
  • Individual and organisational decision making

4. Leading Organisational Change

This module builds on the previous three courses by focusing primarily on the challenges of organising and leading effectively to execute strategic goals in different contexts. It is designed to develop your analytical, management and presentation skills. 
Topics covered:

  • Organising for entrepreneurship and growth
  • Managing knowledge-intensive organisations
  • Challenges in managing the multi-business corporation
  • Leading the merger process
  • Transforming the organisation


The programme is assessed via three case study based exams, plus an extended assignment which is designed to be related back to your organisation. 

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