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Oxford Diploma in Global Business

Oxford Diploma in Global Business

Programme outline

A combination of academic rigour and practical approach

Led by Marc Szepan and other world-leading faculty in the areas of global business and strategic management the Diploma in Global Business combines the highest standards of academic rigour with a practical approach to global business management.  The programme is based on four modules of teaching in the areas of global strategy, risk and reputation, corporate diplomacy in a global context and the challenges of working with emerging economies.

1. Global strategy

This module develops understanding of the critical trends in global business, and the factors which underlie these trends. Participants will evaluate the opportunities and risks of international expansion in this semi-globalised world, and the tools available to implement global strategy.

Topics covered:

  • Market and non-market strategies

  • Managing the global value chain

  • Global value creation: adding value scorecard

  • Strategies for capturing global value: aggregation, adaptation, arbitrage.

2. Risk and reputation

The focus of this module will be the challenges of managing international business in situations of high organisational risk. This module examines foreign direct investment, strategies and the rules of engagement at both national and local levels in order to give participants an overview of the dynamics of global business management.

Topics covered:

  • How to globalise: aligning organisational structures and strategies for global expansion

  • Managing the dynamics of the global firm

  • The challenges of cross-border mergers and acquisitions

  • Power and influence in cross cultural management

  • Managing knowledge intensive professional service organisations globally

  • Innovation in the multinational enterprise: globalisation of R&D

  • Stakeholder interaction and engagement.

3. Corporate diplomacy in a global context

The relationship between corporations, states, and Non-Governmental Organisations will be the focus of this module and participants will gain a deeper understanding of the political complexity of global management.

Topics covered:

  • Business relations with states and NGOs

  • Corporate diplomacy: business as a political actor

  • Measuring and mitigating risks

  • Corporate social responsibility as risk management strategy

  • Crisis management and the news media.

4.  The challenges of business in emerging markets

The size of the world’s emerging economies makes them a magnet for foreign businesses yet they have proven to be immensely difficult places in which to do business, not least because the business landscape can be in a constant state of flux. This module will offer you a framework for understanding the rapidly changing business context of emerging markets and equip participants with the tools to do business in them.

Topics covered:

  • The rise of state capitalism and its impact on business-government relations

  • Dynamics of competition between local and foreign firms in emerging markets

  • Inclusive innovation at the bottom and the middle of the pyramid

  • Rise of BRICs and the future of global economic order.


The programme is assessed via three case study based exams, plus an extended assignment which is designed to be related back to your organisation. 

Sample lecture

Sample a lecture from the Oxford Diploma in Global Business:

Strategic insights

"Managing multiple stakeholders in an international environment is complex and organisations which operate across cultures increasingly need to understand how to manage risk and reputation.

Whether in business, government or the not-for-profit sector, this programme will give you the knowledge and strategic insights you need." 

Mari Sako, Former Academic Director

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