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Oxford Diploma in Global Business

Oxford Diploma in Global Business

Benefits to your organisation

Refresh your ideas

The Oxford Diploma in Global Business enables you to use your enhanced international insight, knowledge and skills directly for the benefit of your organisation and the teams and individuals you work with. Your exposure to world-leading faculty and talented peer group will immediately refresh your own thinking but also the range of ideas that your organisation has access to.

The Diploma offers a further number of real benefits to your organisation including:

  • Your increased confidence and knowledge allowing you to lead international operations, planning or strategy for your organisation
  • Your practical solutions to the complexities of global business and management will help you make the broadest possible contribution to the success of your organisation
  • Improved decision-making in your organisation informed by your awareness of the issues involved in global business management
  • The modular format which enables you to integrate study into your working life, while remaining a productive and contributing member of the management team
  • Immediate value to your organisation from the very first module; the Diploma is designed for you to apply new insights from the beginning of the programme rather than on completion.
  • The assessments, which are structured to add practical value. Exams are case study based so help you to apply your learning. The final assignment can be based on an area of interest and value to your organisation. 

Building a business case

If you are seeking support from your employer it may be helpful to prepare the following:

  • A skills gap analysis - think through where you currently fit in your organisation and how the Oxford Diploma in Global Business will enhance the contribution you make
  • Match your objectives in undertaking the Diploma to those of your organisation by using the module content
  • Illustrate how an increased knowledge of the areas covered by the Diploma could benefit your organisation
  • Consider a strategic issue facing the organisation that you could explore in detail for the assignment. This could result in a valuable piece of internal consultancy work for your organisation.

Employer organisations represented in recent cohorts include:

African Development Bank

Global Green Energy Fund



American Express

Japan Research Institute

Barclays Capital




Brasil Foods





Standard Chartered Bank

Deutsche Bank

Triodos Investment Management


Volvo Construction Equipment

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