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Oxford BA in Economics and Management

Oxford BA in Economics and Management

Undergraduate thesis

For those who want to study a particular subject in more depth, you can choose to replace one of the optional papers with a thesis. A few students each year choose to do this.

Towards the end of the second year, you write a short proposal of the topic you wish to choose, obtain the agreement of your college tutor and find a supervisor who is willing to supervise. During the summer holiday and the first two terms of the third year, you carry out your own research and write a 15,000 word thesis.

Recent titles have included:

  • Can we attribute the demise of Trade Union membership solely to the Conservative policies led by Margaret Thatcher’s government from 1979-1990?
  • Fiscal Policy in Germany 1294-1929
  • The Impact of income distribution on consumer prices for luxury versus necessary goods
  • Labour market institutions and economic performance in Europe 1946-73
  • How forms change markets and consumption: The case of Nike’s marketing strategy for football boots
  • What should being a major car manufacturer entail in the near future.