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Oxford BA in Economics and Management

Oxford BA in Economics and Management

First year

During the first year, all students attend lectures on three subjects:

  1. General Management
  2. Financial Management
  3. Introductory Economics. 

You will have 6 hours of lectures each week. Two hours on each of the three topics, during the first two terms. 

In addition, you will have a tutorial on General Management. This will normally be in your college, and will last one hour. There are no more than four students in each tutorial group. You will be expected to write an essay for each tutorial based on a topic and reading list recommended by your tutor. You should expect to spend about 10–15 hours reading and writing your essay.

Every week, you will have a class on Financial Management. This course is taught through lectures and classes, which are usually held in the Saïd Business School. Classes usually last 90 minutes and have 15 or 16 students. You will be provided online with a problem sheet, and are expected to work through the problems, ready for discussion with your class tutor. You won’t have a class every week; normally five classes are scheduled in the eight weeks of term.

Introductory Economics is also taught through lectures, classes and tutorials, arranged by the Department of Economics and your college. You can find more information on the Department of Economics website.

During the third term, Trinity Term, you will be revising for Prelims. There will be revision lectures, but your work will be focused on practising past papers and problems. Prelims are normally held towards the end of Trinity Term, giving you plenty of time to prepare.