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Oxford BA in Economics and Management

Oxford BA in Economics and Management

Third year

There are no compulsory topics in the third year, you are free to choose any topics you wish from list.

The list is the same as for your second year, and an extensive list of economics topics is available. These lists change from time to time.

3rd year Economics papers
Choose none, one or two
3rd year Management papers
(Choose none, one or two from those you have not already studied)
British economic history since 1870 Accounting
Classical economic thought Finance
Command and transitional economies Marketing
Comparative demographic systems Organisational Behaviour and Analysis
Economics of developing countries Strategic Management
Econometrics Technology and Operations Management
Game theory Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Industrial economics  
International economics  
Labour economics and industrial relations  
Money and banking  
Public economics  
Statistical methods in economics  

Note that the course structure gives you a very flexible range of options. Your degree can include anything from two management options and six economics, or five management and three economics options. Or any combination in between.

At the end of the third year, you will sit Finals. Each of the eight options (or seven, if you have submitted a thesis) will be assessed in a three-hour examination.