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Oxford BA in Economics and Management

Oxford BA in Economics and Management

Preparing for your interview

To prepare for the interview, you need to think clearly why you are keen to study the subjects of Management and Economics as academic disciplines. You should be ready to explain your motivation since this will sustain you through three years of hard work.

It is very helpful to read widely and ask questions about the world as presented in the newspapers, serious magazines (eg The Economist, New Statesman) and news reports on television, radio and online.

Form a newspaper reading group with your friends to discuss and compare how different papers report and interpret what is happening in the world.

Read books and apply the ideas from the books to what you read and hear from news reports. How would you test the ideas in the books?

Discuss what you have read with your friends and teachers. Compare the ideas from the books with what you read in the newspapers and hear in the television news reports.

Practise writing about what you have read. Write short reviews of the books, possibly comparing a few books. Why do some books impress you more than others? What makes a book stand out?