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Oxford 1+1 MBA

Pershing Square Mentors


Mentorship for Pershing Square Scholars

As well as providing funding for tuition, college fees and a contribution towards living expenses, the Pershing Square Scholars also benefit from a unique mentoring scheme. The Advisory Board at the Pershing Square Foundation Scholarship play a crucial role mentoring Pershing Square Scholars. Current members include:



William Ackman           Sir Ronald Cohen             Cheryl Dorsey 


Paul Farmer                  Louise Richardson              Wendy Kopp


Linda Rottenberg                   Peter Tufano                  Andrew Youn 


Circle of Friends

Alongside the Pershing Square Foundation mentors, the scholarship also has an incredible Circle of Friends. This is a network of influencial global leaders who also provide support to scholars. The network includes Barbara Bush of Global Health Corps, Chuck Slaughter of Living Goods, Olivia Leyland of the Collaborative for Scaling Social Impact, Bill Drayton and Stuart Yasgur of Ashoka, and Vanessa Kerry of Seed Global Health.


       Bill Drayton               Barbara Bush               Chuck Slaughter


          Vanessa Kerry               Stuart Yasgur               Cass Walker Harvey


Olivia Leland


How to apply for the 1+1

You must meet the entry requirements for both the Oxford MBA and your chosen Master's programme

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