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About the Oxford 1+1 MBA

The Oxford 1+1 MBA is a unique opportunity for talented individuals to combine a Master's degree from one of several Oxford University departments with our one-year MBA. As the global business environment becomes increasingly complex and interconnected, this powerful combination allows you to gain deep knowledge and expertise in your specialist fields, as well as developing a comprehensive understanding of business, exceptional leadership skills and practical experience.

As a 1+1 MBA student, you will spend your first year completing a Master in your chosen discipline before joining the MBA in your second year. As soon as you start the 1+1 MBA, you will become an integral part of Oxford Saïd’s diverse community, developing strong relationships with current MBA students, international alumni, prominent academics, and expert practitioners. You will also have full access to the career and professional development resources of the business school throughout your time in Oxford. By completing the 1+1 MBA, you will become a dynamic leader who is able to use management practices to translate specific knowledge into practical applications with wide-reaching impact.

You will also play a pivotal role in Oxford Saïd’s commitment to equipping future leaders with the tools to engage with a wide range of ideas and disciplines. Along with other 1+1 MBA students you will be one of many connections between the business school and the rest of the University of Oxford: you will integrate your disciplinary knowledge from the Master into the MBA, and share information about the research and projects taking place around the University with your peers on the MBA. 

Every year, up to five outstanding 1+1 MBA candidates are selected to receive the Oxford Pershing Square Graduate Scholarship, which covers full tuition and living costs for both the Master's degree and the MBA. Pershing Square Scholars are exceptional individuals who are committed to finding scalable solutions to world-scale social challenges. Scholars are provided with opportunities for mentoring and networking with inspirational individuals and organisations in the Pershing Square Foundation’s network.

Rhodes scholars are encouraged to join the 1+1 MBA and usually apply before they begin their Master. All candidates can apply for any available funding for either component of the 1+1 MBA. Read more about scholarships

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Fourteen Oxford University departments have partnered Master's degrees with the Oxford MBA.