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Oxford: where history is made

The city of dreaming spires has been shaping the future for over 800 years. Knowledge has flourished here ever since the first college was founded in 1249, attracting innovative thinkers throughout the centuries, from Sir Walter Raleigh to Oscar Wilde, Gertrude Bell to Benazir Bhutto and Martha Lane Fox to Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

Here you can follow in the footsteps of history while forging lasting friendships with people who are shaping the world today.  Modern-day Oxford is a vibrant and constantly changing community of students, scholars, entrepreneurs and the intellectually curious of every nationality, culture and creed. It is a place where the world comes together to swap ideas. A place where people dare to imagine, creating a focal point for some of the most exciting achievements across every sphere of human endeavour.

A city at the forefront of industry and invention

The birthplace of the famous MINI car, Oxford is a thriving hub for manufacturing, education, publishing and a large number of information technology and science-based businesses.

Many of the world’s most pressing global challenges are tackled here: researchers are examining the very future of humanity and scientists at the John Radcliffe Hospital are pioneering medical breakthroughs. The Entrepreneurship Centre gathers the leading lights of Silicon Valley to explore the frontiers of technological possibility and global philanthropist Jeff Skoll chose Oxford to host the annual World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship.

A hive of activity

In terms of things to do in Oxford, the possibilities are endless. Clink glasses in a 13th century pub, enjoy choirs singing in Latin on an early May morning, master the art of punting, explore the renowned museums, or head for the charming village atmosphere at Bicester Village to shop for chic brands at exceptional prices. And if you are passionate about sport, Oxford’s facilities have fostered numerous champions, including 158 Olympic medallists.

Whether you are here for days, months or years, your agenda is likely to be very full indeed.

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