Oxford Scenarios Programme insights

Trudi Lang, Senior Fellow in Management Practice and core faculty on the Oxford Scenarios Programme, outlines what sets the programme apart.

In this first clip, Trudi explains the Oxford Approach to Scenario Planning.

The Oxford Approach to Scenario Planning

Oxford Scenarios Programme Approach

Trudi Lang talks about the enthusiasm of participants and how they throw themselves into the experience, facing uncomfortable issues, with a strong commitment to learning.

How participants benefit from the programme

Oxford Scenarios Programme

Trudi Lang sees the rich experience participants gain over 5 days scenario planning. The international cohort, experienced facilitators and simulation all drive invaluable business ability.

The business benefits of the programme

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Trudi Lang talks about the benefits for organisations of having a strategic conversation.  Developing and continuing to use a shared language and shared understanding across the business delivers stronger strategies and innovations and futureproofs the organisations development.

Why scenario planning is invaluable for businesses

international classroom

Want to know more?

For more on programme benefits, faculty, dates and fees, visit the programme page.