Saïd Business School Foundation Middle East Scholarships


The Saïd Business School Foundation supports the School in its pursuit of excellence. 

This dedicated fund from the Saïd Business School Foundation (SBSF) aims to support high potential candidates from the Middle East. 

SBSF is a charitable trust established in 1998. The Foundation aims to assist the School in its pursuit of excellence in research, teaching and relevance to business practitioners with a view to establishing and maintaining the School as one of the world’s top schools.


Scholarship details


No fixed value. We offer a range of partial awards, typically up to £15,000, contributing towards course fees.

Number available

The number of awards varies per year but typically we have around 5 scholars funded through this stream of Said Business School Foundation scholarships in our MBA class.

Eligibility criteria

Candidates of Middle Eastern nationality who demonstrate knowledge of and a commitment to the continent.

Applicants should have strong degree results, a higher than regional average GMAT or GRE score, and demonstrated professional achievement and leadership skills.

How to apply

No additional application is required.


There is no fixed application deadline for this scholarship.

All eligible offer-holders will be considered at each MBA admissions stage, however, we cannot guarantee the availability of these scholarships in our later application stages, so early application is recommended.

Apply to the MBA or 1+1 MBA

Visit our programme pages to find out more about the programme, the admissions requirements and how to apply. You can also contact the MBA recruitment team for a discussion about your suitability for the programme.