Executive MBA Oxford Alumni Scholarship profiles


Beibei Sun

Managing Consultant, Vendigital

Beibei is a managing consultant at Vendigital, a consulting firm specialising in procurement and supply chain. She oversaw over 20 projects to solve complex problems for clients, with a focus on electric vehicles start-ups. Beibei also seeks challenges in translating culturally unique content (Wuxia) from Chinese to English.

September 2022

Nasim Zargar

Co-founder and CEO, Harp Health

Nasim is the CEO and Co-founder of Harp Health, a digital health start-up focused on improving women's health. Nasim's career spans a range of disciplines from research to senior leadership roles in corporate strategy and mergers and acquisitions. She completed her DPhil in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Oxford. 

January 2022

Thomas Bowden

Professor, University of Oxford
United Kingdom

Thomas directs a research group in protein sciences at the University of Oxford. The Executive MBA Oxford Alumni Scholarship provides him with an unparalleled opportunity to learn with a diverse EMBA cohort and develop skills to grow as a leader within the strategic business and scientific frameworks.

September 2021

Chloe Dalton

Director, J.D.H. Office Ltd
United Kingdom

A senior international relations professional with nearly two decades in high levels of politics, government and diplomacy, Chloe is an expert in policy formation and strategic communications. She has achievements in consultancy, international humanitarian campaigns, and human rights advocacy.

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