Bosch Graduate Scholarship for 1+1 MBA with MSt in Modern Languages


This scholarship, offered by the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages, is funded by global engineering and technology company Bosch.

The Bosch Graduate Scholarship is open to candidates applying to the 1+1 MBA programme, where the MBA programme is partnered with the MSt in Modern Languages (German). 

The Scholarship will cover course fees and provide a stipend for living expenses (at the Research Council equivalent maintenance grant rate – currently £15,009 for 2019-20 students), for both years of the programme.

In order to be considered, candidates should submit a complete application to both programmes by a deadline of 10 January 2020, however candidates who apply to the later deadlines of 3 March 2020 for the MSt in Modern Languages and 3 April 2020 for the MBA programme may also be considered. 

The Scholarship is administered by Oxford's Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages.  


Apply to the 1+1 MBA

Visit the programme pages to find out more about the 1+1 MBA programme, the admissions requirements and how to apply. You can also contact the MBA recruitment team for a discussion about your suitability for the 1+1 MBA programme.