Beyond the comforts of the familiar: my purpose-driven odyssey at Oxford

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In my role as a lawyer and general counsel, every day presented a tapestry of challenges and triumphs.

Over the years, I dedicated relentless effort, sculpting a niche for myself in the intricate world of law. This effort translated not just into professional success but also into a life replete with comforts. I earned well, lived comfortably, and by most metrics, led what one would term a 'good life'. But while I had built this life with dedication and perseverance, it felt akin to residing in a self-dug well. No matter how ornate or comfortable this well might have been, its boundaries were palpable. It was a pleasant well, offering the comforts of routine and predictability, but its confines also limited the horizon.

There was an underlying restlessness, a quiet voice that spoke of realms unexplored and knowledge untouched. I was acutely aware of the vastness of the world outside my well, a universe filled with ideas, concepts, and perspectives waiting to be discovered. The more I contemplated, the clearer it became that while I had acquired deep expertise in law, there were numerous other domains where my understanding barely scratched the surface. And the sands of time, relentless in their flow, added a sense of urgency to this realization.

It was against this backdrop that I turned my gaze towards the hallowed halls of Oxford, specifically, Saïd Business School. The Executive Diploma in Organisational Leadership wasn't just an academic pursuit; it was the bridge that would take me from the depths of my well to the vastness of the skies. Here was an opportunity to not only gain insights from illustrious professors but to learn from and collaborate with executive peers from around the globe – individuals who, like me, were on their journey of breaking boundaries and expanding horizons.

The dance between work, academia and family was intricate. But every challenge was underpinned by a clear sense of purpose – to grow, to evolve and to ensure that the well, no matter how comfortable, didn't become the entirety of my world. Every lesson from Oxford found echoes in my legal practice, adding layers of depth to my understanding and approach. Real-world legal challenges, in turn, enriched classroom discussions, grounding them in tangible reality.

Life is a balance between comfort and growth. While the familiar comforts of our self-made wells can be alluring, there's a vast, uncharted world waiting outside. Embarking on a journey like the one at Oxford, driven by purpose and passion, is about recognising and acting upon the innate human desire to learn, evolve and transcend boundaries. It's about ensuring that while we cherish our wells, we don't forget the boundless skies above.

Oxford Executive Diploma in Organisational Leadership