From a seat to a whole world!

3 minute read

I can proudly say; I am lucky and grateful to have met every person on this programme who contributed to our collaborative success story.

Returning to life and hope after two years of fear and sickness was by itself a loaded step, filled with curiosity, anxiousness and hunger to explore who we turned out to be.  

Gathered from all around the world in that classroom or via the screens, with sparks in our eyes to talk, listen, share, accept and be accepted, and learn from every opportunity offered to us, was our common denominator.  

A journey that words won't give justice to, filled with all kinds of learnings that exceeded my expectations by far. Not only the rich content and the unparalleled deliverables, but the dedicated and professional team of professors, speakers, management, associates and every member of the Saïd Business School that contributed to the success of this Diploma in Organisational Leadership.

No matter where you are or your background, you will always feel heard, taken care of and a part of a community that provides you with endless support to make this chapter a worthwhile experience.  

Having a well-designed programme rich in content, that ranges from case studies to endless readings and materials, has equipped us with a lifetime of know-how, stimulated our intellectual capability and exhibited our capacity for thinking and analysing critically.  

I certainly felt throughout this experience the constant need to be on top of things, to manage my studies with a demanding job, being fully engaged and taking in all the learnings from this diploma. Being overwhelmed sometimes seemed normal and allowed me a space to cope with this through the unity amongst our cohort members, who literally wouldn’t hesitate a second to offer any kind of support needed. Study groups were created, data was shared and not kept, ideas were easily presented and discussed without fear of judgement.  

From the first day, we were guided properly and full-heartedly with a non-stop adaptation to our needs and remarks, while offering us continuous support through our class representatives who have done an amazing job keeping us cared for in the best possible way.

Life on campus is another story that I can write pages about, regretting already the modules I took remotely, because that breath you take while you are living the ‘Oxonian’s’ experience, while surrounded by smart, kind and lovely people, will remain engraved in your heart and mind.  

From that seat, we are offered the opportunity to reach the world! And from that seat, we became privileged graduates who have a support system behind them and a story that we will tell our grandchildren.  

I came out of this experience more confident in my knowledge, richer in my networks and connections, more ambitious in pursuing new opportunities, calmer in managing my time and stress, quicker in understanding concepts and critically assessing them and more responsible towards my decisions and actions.