With love, from Oxford

1 minute read

I dreamt of this city more than once
A reverie that held my gaze past midnight
Perfecting essays, introspecting on answers
Which required more resolve, it’s tough to weigh -
Completing the application or awaiting the words:
'Welcome to one of the greatest universities in the world'
I’m afraid, I may have gagged on joy

This city led me to the realm
Betwixt academia’s rigour and exhilarating fun
I would learn to bridge it with less sleep
A formal at Merton or Magdalen’s evensong?
My mind drifts across the room
Stained glass visions of Mansfield’s chapel
A beckoning professor awaits my response
I become instantly cross-eyed, caught in my wanderer’s musings

This city has no favourites
From Park End Street to Iffley Road’s expanse
No lateral bounds, it's a realm of possibility,
Awaiting all, each unique guise, each distinct dance
In this domain where gleaming interests reside
Traditions entwine with innovations and lore
Quite the literal form of unity in diversity


I stood out in the open of this city
As the sun bid adieu, people roller-skated by
The wind whizzing against my skin
My thoughts collide with each other
The RadCam from Exeter’s view - a sheer delight
Brilliant, beautiful, terrifying
'You've held me spellbound in your timeless fires'
Oh this sweet city of dreaming spires.

Oxford MBA