A Rewley Scholar’s recollections on her Oxford MBA year so far

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My decision to pursue an MBA was born out of the pandemic.

I was a strategy consultant for a global social impact consulting firm, working on launching sanitation business models in East Africa all the way from my bedroom in Mumbai, India. As if working remotely wasn’t challenging enough, I was trying to navigate new market uncertainties while addressing the existing barriers to scaling social enterprises. It was time to learn how to solve for these barriers.

I chose the Oxford MBA because I was looking for a program that would equip me with the tools to shape and scale inclusive markets and businesses in these changing times. A program with impact at its core.

I’m nearing the end of my time at Saïd Business School and looking back…

I have witnessed Capitalism in Debate at the iconic Oxford Union, yet another reminder that I’m pursuing a business degree which is a part of the rich academic legacy of the University of Oxford.

I have been part of probably the only MBA class in the world that discussed carbon accounting in an introductory accounting class.

I have been inspired by the entrepreneurial ventures of alumni from across the globe – from Mexico to Turkey.

I have been part of a diverse community of students from 60+ nationalities who aren’t afraid to question the status quos of business and management.

Needless to say, I made the right choice with Saïd Business School.

To me, the Rewley Scholarship is a strong recognition of my choices and the values that inform them. I’m grateful to the fund for this recognition and for encouraging me to take one step further in my mission of using the power of business for creating impact at scale.

The scholarship has empowered me with the freedom to truly make the most of my time here at Oxford. It has opened doors for me both within Oxford and beyond.

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