Question everything

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Only two more classes and two final exams stand between me and the end of my Oxford Saïd MBA journey. And to be honest, I’m just not quite ready for it to be over. People told me the year would go by fast, but I couldn’t have imagined it going as fast as it did. I’ve been reflecting with classmates a lot lately as we all start to wind down on the year. We’ve talked about things we are grateful for, some of our favourite memories, things we wished we had done differently, and all of the awkward, funny, difficult, challenging, and amazing things in between.

I knew coming into the MBA programme that I would be pushed out of my comfort zone, learn a lot, and get to meet an incredibly diverse community of people. I had hoped that this year would bring new perspectives, open my mind to new ways of thinking, and the opportunity to explore different interests and career paths. As I reflect more deeply on the year, I’ve realized that I have more questions than I have answers. I have more questions about the problems I want to solve, the things I want to learn, ways to help others, how to harness my unique experiences to make a positive impact in the world, and become a woman, daughter, sister, friend, and leader of humility, character, integrity, and love that I hope to be. And I think that questions are good and important. They pave the way to humility, wisdom, vulnerability, relationships, and can be a guiding force to positive change and impact. So let’s question everything and be curious and allow that curiosity to help us make sense of the world and how we can make it better.

This year my idea of the world, and its possibilities, has been pushed wide open, and I’m so grateful.

This year my idea of the world, and its possibilities, has been pushed wide open, and I’m so grateful. It has been more than I ever could have hoped or imagined. I get sad thinking about how soon I won’t be able to grab a quick coffee with a classmate in the common room, join a group of MBAs for a formal dinner at a college I’ve never been to, or go on an early morning walk in Port Meadow together. But I know that this is only the beginning for my class and all we can accomplish and learn together. I’m excited for all that is to come for the Oxford MBA Class of 2022!

And for the incoming class, I’m cheering you on every step of the way!