Shoot your shot, and the other cliches that are actually true…

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Our MBA is done with. There, I said it. Maybe saying it out loud would mean actually believing it? And then perhaps reflecting on the 7000 things that happened, and the one thing you choose to share with the world.

Or at least that’s what the purpose of this piece is supposed to be anyway: reflect and share your piece of wisdom (?) with whoever chooses to read it.

So, what have I learned in this one year, apart from the fact ginger shots are in fact a good cure for a cold? What do I know for sure? Unironically, it is that I really don’t know.

I don’t know if everything I have learned (inside and outside of class) will stay with me. I don’t know if all the lifelong bonds are indeed lifelong. I don’t know if my career will reach all the heights I hope it will and I definitely don’t know if it will be sunny tomorrow.

The MBA has been a pool of unknown variables, and quite like the legendary song would go, the more you see, the less you will know for sure. Sometimes, not knowing can actually be pretty good and lead to the best stories. But other times, it could be the most unnerving thing ever, being completely clueless about what is even going on.

Be prepared because this would sometimes translate to feeling quite lost. Questions on who you are and what you want to be. Musings on how you fit in the world and where you belong. And obviously, this is not fun at the outset. But perhaps the bigger learning for me was that all my questions were also mine to figure out.

The year gone by has been an exercise on self-exploration and understanding people better. Not what you go into the MBA with, not what you think the ROI of your MBA is, but almost definitely what you come out with (thankfully so). It is the simple truth that while you still may not know anything, you’ll see beauty in finding out.

And in this process, what may go a long way is just putting yourself out there, searching for your answers. No matter how daunting it may seem, how unabashed, sometimes even crazy. But do yourself a favor and shoot your shot.

Write that email. Apply for that dream job. Send that text. Cook food and invite people to join you in your experiments. Pursue that friendship(s) you think could be life-altering. Ask that question you think is dumb. 

You may have to wait for what you want. You may sometimes even hear the answer you didn’t want. You might realize you need to shoot another shot in a completely different direction. But hey, at least you would’ve tried. And now there will be one less thing you don’t know! And one better thing to spend your energy on! Not to mention that one little moment when the shot actually clicks, oof, worth the totally mad journey that got you there!

So, I guess that’s one thing I am leaving the MBA with for sure: I don’t know everything, and most things are beyond my control. But the options my little mind does come up with, the suggestions my all-knowing friends make, are the not-so-little shots I’ll try to shoot. And find out where they land.

You might want to too.


Oxford MBA