When science meets global business...

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Antarctica: how it all started!

I was selected among a cohort of women leaders across STEM disciplines to be part of an expedition to Antarctica in November 2019. This trip was one of the most life-changing experiences of my life so far. 

The Antarctica expedition offered me a crucible moment, a moment of clarity when we did a silent cruise around the glaciers, where no one was allowed to talk on the zodiac, and there I was, wandering through this pristine of crystal-clear waters, the sky and the glaciers. It was probably the only time I encountered complete silence and perfect stillness. There, at that moment, I knew what I wanted. I knew my purpose and the path I would follow. I remembered all the people who helped me and saw all the people I will meet in the future and the lives I will change for the better worldwide! 

When I came back to Melbourne, I knew that the next step was to pursue a degree in global business. Sponsored by a prestigious Julius award from my organisation (the Commonwealth Science and Industry Organization, CSIRO), I finally achieved my childhood dream of studying at the University of Oxford!

Science meets global business at Oxford

I have cultivated a strong interest in developing solutions to address global issues linked to food security and public health through leading international projects and managing teams across continents. 

For instance, I find much fulfilment in leading projects on managing vector-borne diseases, such as dengue and Malaria, in areas where these diseases represent a genuine public health concern but remain under-reported. I work with multi-disciplinary, international teams to implement state-of-the-art research facilities overseas and train local capabilities in cutting-edge technologies. My role requires soft skills and adaptability to manage working across different cultures. The Oxford Executive Diploma in Global Business offers a unique chance to enhance these skills and enables me to rise as a global leader and a science diplomat. The tools gained in the global strategy, risk and reputation, and corporate diplomacy modules redefine how I approach the scaling of my research projects and how I manage negotiations and develop partnerships with foreign entities and significant stakeholders.

Samia Elfekih

On the power of giving

Research and development provide the perfect context to get acquainted with the joy of giving and the fulfilment emanating from making a societal impact and alleviating human suffering. 

With all the rising challenges the world is currently enduring, from global warming to natural disasters, pandemics, political tensions and social unrest, good governance and leadership are essential! The Diploma in Global Business at Saïd Business School provides an excellent curriculum to study leadership styles and principles from both a political theory and actual business case angles. 

The Oxford Executive Diploma in Global Business has been an incredible opportunity for me to enhance my management skills and grow as a leader.

Loving life is easy when you are abroad. Where no one knows you and you hold your life in your hands all alone, you are more master of yourself than at any other time.

Hannah Arendt