Completing module two: my initial reactions

2 minute read

I write this short blog literally a few hours after completing module two, Risk and Reputation, on the outstanding Oxford Executive Diploma in Global Business programme. It has been quite a week that started early on Tuesday 15 March and concluded today on Saturday 19 March.

Reflecting on my experience on the diploma programme so far, I have several observations:

It’s a first-class experience

Firstly, the quality of the lectures and discussion is truly outstanding. The calibre of the faculty, their level of preparation, and engagement is exceptional. Though the days are long, the time goes by rather quickly due to the outstanding qualities of the faculty.

Everyone is included

Secondly, the University has made every effort to accommodate the needs of students who participated in person as well as virtually. Though it is certainly not the same as being there in person, the professors were extremely inclusive of those participating via Zoom. They made it a point to call upon those who participated via Zoom to share thoughts and observations quite frequently. As such, there was a real sense of inclusiveness among all students throughout the sessions.

The material is practical and captivating

I also found the lectures extremely fascinating. The discussions surrounding leadership and scenario planning were highly applicable to the professional lives of the students and the discussions were highly relevant and informative.

You learn just as much from your peers, as you do from your professors

Finally, the students in my class are outstanding. Their level of participation and overall contributions to the dialogue added an important element of enrichment that further advanced everyone’s learnings. I found myself not just taking notes from what the professors shared but also key quotes from my classmates that I wanted to capture.

I am so glad I chose to participate in this programme. Certainly, it is not easy being away from work for the week. I did find myself staying up rather late most evenings to catch up on emails and other demands consistent with my responsibilities. However, without a doubt, this programme has been worth the time, energy, and overall commitment. 

I am learning so much and I honestly look forward to applying the lessons learned this week to the upcoming module two assessment later this spring. It is such an honour to study at the University of Oxford.