Only Oxford

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I am so excited for the year ahead and for the opportunity to share my Oxford MBA experience. I read many Saïd Business School MBA blogs when I was applying to the program. They helped me understand the people, the culture, and the life at the School and Oxford; I hope to do my bit too.

About me

I was born and raised in Mexico City, I come from a family of academics. My mother is a historian and my father is an economist; I also have an inspiring sister. They are my biggest life examples; without their love and support, I would not be where I am today.

I love food, sports and making people laugh.

I studied actuarial science because I like numbers and was captivated by insurance’s social function. While studying, I volunteered to teach single mothers in an impoverished rural town and realized how education and financial inclusion can significantly improve people’s lives.

I worked for four years as an actuary at global insurance companies. My first roles were all about complex models and number crunching, but my last position, as an insurance product manager, allowed me to be more creative and lead a team. I relished having a more strategic, people-driven role.

I co-founded a leather and vegan leather goods company based in Mexico City alongside my best friend. I have been designing products and managing the business since 2020.

In 2021, I decided to leave my corporate insurance role to pursue a Master’s in Finance program to build a solid finance profile. It also allowed me to dedicate more time to growing my business.

Why an MBA? Why Oxford?

I want to complement my quantitative background by adding in general business, social and leadership skills.

I applied to only one MBA program, the Oxford MBA. Although I realize that it was a risky move, from the beginning, it was clear to me that no other program could match the Oxford curriculum and experience.

Saïd Business School is embedded in a 900-plus-year-old institution with a track record of solving the world’s most complex problems. Responsible business is the cornerstone of the School’s flagship MBA program. I want to be part of Oxford’s history and traditions, so business school selection was a no-brainer for me.

Preparing for the Oxford MBA

I have spent countless hours on Google Earth exploring Oxford, it is truly a magical city.

I have been reading The University of Oxford: A History by Lawrence Brockliss. Oxford is an institution like no other, and I have enjoyed learning more about its evolution and iconic traditions. I widely recommend it.

The Oxford MBA team created a Slack group for the incoming cohort; everyone introduced themselves, and I was amazed by the fantastic backgrounds and profiles of the class. Colleges, extracurriculars, clubs, careers, treks, UK life, accommodation and sports are discussed regularly. Networking calls have also taken place and I have made some excellent friends.

I took some blockchain and fintech courses online and learned new programming skills.

I met two of my future classmates in Mexico City, we had a wonderful conversation about life and our journeys to Oxford.

What do I expect to gain from the Oxford MBA?

  • Having a life-changing educational experience that broadens my perspective and view of the world.
  • Improve my communication skills by interacting with people from 70+ different countries; make friends and valuable connections.
  • Obtain the skillset needed to become a global leader, with a clear focus on using this knowledge to solve the problems the world is facing.

Post-MBA, I plan to return to the financial services industry, pursuing roles in London, one of the best places in the world for financial innovation.

What am I most looking forward to from the year ahead?

  • Meeting the incredible cohort members, the excellent MBA team, and the inspiring faculty!
  • Exploring Oxford and the UK.
  • Three elective courses: 'The nature of the corporation', 'Leadership: Perspectives from the humanities' and 'Business history'.
  • Oxford University Clay Pigeon Shooting Club.

My advice for those applying to join the Oxford MBA next year

  • Take time to reflect on your career and develop a well-defined post-MBA plan; most of the essays will explore this topic.
  • If you can visit Oxford, do not miss it!
  • Reach out to students and alumni, they are always open to talk. Let’s talk!
  • Research scholarships and funding early.

My single greatest advice for applying to Saïd Business School is to fall in love with Oxford (which is not difficult at all). If you can transmit your passion for the city, the wider university, its history and traditions, then you are well on your way to getting an offer.