My journey through Oxford's transformative programme

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Your pathway into Oxford

My path to Oxford's MSc in Major Programme Management (MMPM) was driven by a deep-seated desire to understand and tackle complex challenges. With a background in law, I went into the project management world building resorts across the Middle East, Asia and Africa. I witnessed firsthand how large-scale programs, when done well, can transform industries and improve lives. But I also saw the pitfalls with cost overruns and missed deadlines being a recurrent theme in the industry leading to the inability to deliver the full scope of intended benefits. I knew I needed the right tools and frameworks to make a real difference.

Immersive experience

The Oxford experience far exceeded my expectations. It wasn't just lectures and textbooks – it was a complete immersion. We debated real-world case studies, engaged with industry leaders, and tackled demanding simulations. I particularly enjoyed our immersion in fields such as Systems Thinking which pushed us to apply our learnings immediately in simulation environments.

Being surrounded by such a diverse cohort – seasoned professionals from every corner of the globe and from diverse industries (from nuclear to automotive and satellite design) challenged my thinking and expanded my perspective like never before. The intensity of the program was undeniable, but the sense of camaraderie and the support from faculty made it incredibly rewarding.

A language that helps to articulate the complexities of major programs

Having completed the program, I'm applying the insights gained from the MMPM every day. The program gave me a language to articulate the complexities of major programs and a nuanced understanding of the factors that drive success or failure. It taught me how to build cohesive teams, manage stakeholder expectations, mitigate risks, and make data-driven decisions under enormous pressure. I approach challenges with greater confidence and a sharpened strategic mindset.

Why did you choose the MSc in Major Programme Management?

I chose the Oxford MMPM because I wanted to stand on the shoulders of giants. Being associated with an institution of such prestige and surrounded by the best minds in the field fueled my drive to excel. For ambitious professionals looking to lead change at scale, I truly believe there is no better program. It will push you, transform you, and set you on a course for lasting impact.

Application advice

Here's my advice for those considering applying:

  • Come prepared: This program is not for the faint of heart. Start honing your time management and self-study skills well in advance.

  • Think strategically: Your application should clearly articulate how the MMPM aligns with your career goals. Showcase your prior experience and how you hope to build on it at Oxford.

  • Embrace the network: The connections you make with your classmates and the wider Oxford community will be invaluable throughout your career. Be proactive about engaging and fostering those relationships.

Profound impact

The MSc in Major Programme Management has made a profound impact on my career trajectory. I have recently shifted industries and moved to the fast-paced technology realm. The program has helped me develop a resilience and an adaptability that has served me well as I navigate a steep learning curve. This program was an investment in my future, and one that is already paying dividends. If you are ready to make your mark on the world, this program is the place to start.


Oxford MSc in Major Programme Management