Leadership within and beyond: an exciting journey at Saïd Business School

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Last year marked over five years since I started my professional life in the field of education in India. I had spent the first two years as a teacher and eventually started working for ShikshaLokam, a non-profit organisation enabling and amplifying leadership development opportunities in India.

During my first few years working for this organisation, I spent time alongside many amazing colleagues, learning more about our mission and contributing wherever I could. The work was becoming more and more exciting by the day. Then came the most important milestone in my journey so far: becoming Chief Strategy Officer.

As I began this challenging role early in my career, I found myself entrusted with tremendous responsibility. Leading a country-wide education leadership mission was an exciting yet daunting prospect. Seeking to gain a comprehensive understanding of leadership, both personally and to further our mission, I knew I needed a transformative educational experience myself. This desire for growth and exploration led me to Saïd Business School's postgraduate Diploma in Organisational Leadership, an immersive and enlightening programme that promised to unravel the essence of leadership in the context of large-scale missions.

With three modules now complete, and several case studies analysed, here are two of my top takeaways about the idea of leadership.

1. Leadership is about people and their quest to lead impact and change together

Throughout the programme, I had the privilege of connecting with experienced classmates from a multitude of different backgrounds. Together, we have delved into captivating case studies, deepened our understanding of leadership's influence on driving impact and instigated positive change in various organisations.

A particularly invaluable insight that I gained from modules two and three was the significance of networks and collaborations in effective leadership. Building impactful networks and fostering a sense of community allows leaders to envision a better world together, enabling a broader and more profound impact.

2. Leadership is about getting better every day

The programme vividly demonstrates the power of continuous improvement and iteration in leadership. Every discussion and interaction with peers and faculty has evolved over time, with perspectives building upon one another, leading to exciting and innovative solutions. Being one of the youngest participants on the programme, I was initially apprehensive about fitting in among seasoned professionals. However, the class environment at the School was remarkably inclusive and supportive. The collaborative nature of the learning journey fostered an open exchange of ideas, enabling everyone to thrive and grow together.

The last three modules of the programme have been instrumental in shaping my approach to key strategic decisions for our education leadership mission, both internally and externally. The knowledge gained, coupled with the network I developed during the programme, has equipped me with the tools and techniques needed to navigate the challenges that lie ahead.

I am deeply thankful for this enriching experience. This programme has not only provided me with valuable insights into the complexities of leadership but has also strengthened my commitment to furthering our education leadership mission in India.

I am hopeful that the lessons learned, the case studies explored and the techniques acquired, will fuel the progress of our mission, empowering countless lives through education.

For anyone seeking to build a meaningful relationship with the idea of leadership, I wholeheartedly recommend the Executive Diploma in Organisational Leadership. This programme will not only unlock new dimensions of leadership within you but will also offer an unparalleled platform to collaborate and grow alongside brilliant minds from around the world. Embrace the opportunity and embark on a transformative journey that will shape your leadership vision and empower you to lead with impact and purpose.

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