Beyond boundaries: a pharmacist's quest for strategic innovation at Oxford

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'The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.' — Tony Robbins.

Embracing this philosophy, I embarked on the Executive Diploma in Strategy and Innovation at Oxford, a journey that, while only at its beginning, promises a profound transformation.

Two years ago, my life took a pivotal turn as I moved from Lebanon to London, marking a new chapter in my professional and personal journey. As a woman from the Middle East carving out my space in the UK, with a Pharmacy degree and years of experience at global pharmaceutical companies, the decision to enrol onto this diploma at Oxford University was sparked by a pursuit for growth, and a desire to meld the worlds of strategy and innovation in the healthcare sector that touches lives across the globe.

At first, I wondered how my Pharmacy education background would blend with the business-centric nature of the programme. However, the diversity within our cohort quickly highlighted the value of bringing different perspectives to strategic discussions.

Starting with the first module, this programme has already begun to reshape my perspective on strategy in profound ways; it peeled back layers of conventional strategy, and offered a new lens through which to view strategy selection and execution.

Each lecture, case study and discussion, was more than just an academic exercise; it was an invitation to think differently and to envision new possibilities in any sector, including healthcare. It introduced me to so many new strategic frameworks and practical tools, that I will use when developing strategic plans. Even at this early stage of the programme, I can already see potential impact on my current daily work at Pfizer UK.

The richness of the Oxford experience extends beyond the classroom

It’s not just the learnings that enrich you here, but the beautiful minds you meet along the way. The diverse and talented cohort on the programme is its greatest strength. My cohort is a vibrant mosaic of global professionals, giving me a massive opportunity to learn from diverse experiences and perspectives. Engaging with like-minded people from across the globe, from different industries and cultures, made every discussion memorable. It’s a unique opportunity to form genuine connections that will last well beyond the duration of the programme.

It’s a community that values different viewpoints and celebrates diversity, and this has further confirmed my belief that enrolling was the right decision.

As I look ahead to the next modules, I'm filled with anticipation for the stories yet to unfold. To my fellow professionals in healthcare and peers from the Middle East and beyond, I do highly encourage you to consider pursuing this path of learning, growth and transformation. This programme isn’t just about personal or professional development, it’s a journey of discovery and pushing boundaries, and envisioning new possibilities for the future.

The first module has set a solid start for my journey and I look forward to sharing more insights and reflections from each module, documenting how this experience will shape my ability to contribute significantly to the pharmaceutical industry and beyond.

Oxford Executive Diploma in Strategy and Innovation