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When I was a spritely lad of 19, in my first year of Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Merton College, my politics tutor offered me invaluable advice on how to make life decisions: 'Imagine that you are now an old man, sitting by the fire and looking back on your life. Would you be glad that you made this decision?'

This simple test, I have found, has been both neat and useful. Instead of constraining myself to short-run thinking (such as, what will I gain immediately?), a broader perspective is maintained.

It is with this decision-making process (and not by employing a payoffs rationale) that I chose to study for the Executive MBA several years ago at Saïd Business School.

It was a privilege to speak at the newest Executive MBA cohort’s matriculation ceremony dinner and to spend time with those about to embark on their journey, as well as the Dean, Associate Dean, and the leadership team. It was a most memorable evening, held in the beautiful and ancient setting of the Divinity School.

Oxford Executive MBA