Preparing for the Oxford MBA

3 minute read

For the past few months, I have been catching up and meeting with my fellow classmates on our MBA Slack channel. We have also had a few networking calls with incoming candidates and current students and I have tried to learn and absorb as much as I can about Oxford from alumni, faculty and students who have already made their way to Oxford. The pre-MBA portal is buzzing with activity and there are many interesting co-curricular activities one can participate in. I have signed up for the Finance Lab, applied for a role in the Africa Business Alliance Committee, completed the first few career foundations modules and attended some career presentations over the past few weeks.

These few activities just scratch the surface of what is available to explore in the coming year, because the program is only for a year and one must be intentional about what they get involved in, so I do try to take a step back and avoid behaving like a kid in the candy store. Moving to another country with my wife is a huge undertaking, as a first time UK visa applicant being able to lean on the University’s immigration team for help and being able to connect with other partners and families moving to Oxford has been a blessing.

I look forward to learning and engaging with my peers. I think the class has a simulating diversity of perspectives, so I look forward to embracing the intellectual debate while also sharing my perspective with the class. I am also excited to refresh, update and learn new mental models about business, leadership and sustainability and bringing this altogether in the Global Opportunities and Threats: Oxford (GOTO) programme.

As an avid reader, I look forward to exploring the Bodleian libraries (course material willing), immersing myself in Oxford’s literary culture and history and attending a few events at The Oxford Union. Oxford has a collegiate system of over 30 colleges, where graduates and students from across the University have an academic home with its relevant supporting structures. Through colleges, one can engage with peers from other disciplines in the University, in the common room and at formal dinners. I personally can’t wait to join my college family at Linacre College and making lasting memories with a largely international group of students who chart their own agenda at the egalitarian college.

I have no doubt that my time at Oxford will form a solid mezzanine for the next phase of my career. My current view on what I would like to do post-MBA is to continue my journey in strategy execution, either as an in-house consultant for a global company with interests in Africa or join an advisory team in a consulting or financial services firm. I will be open to exploring other opportunities during the year, if they further my long-term vision of becoming trusted advisor who helps African and other global leaders bridge the gap between policy, strategic planning and impactful implementation.