Reflecting on a memorable year at Oxford

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September brought mixed emotions. On the one hand, I was happy to reconnect with my loved ones back in Peru, but on the other hand, leaving behind the family I had built in Oxford has been one of the most challenging aspects of my Oxford-Lima transition.

Describing how exciting, enriching and invaluable this year has been is a daunting task, but let’s give it a try!

  • You’re likely heard this from my peers, but being part of one most diverse MBA cohorts has been an immensely enriching experience. Ours consisted of 313 MBA students from 64 different nationalities and we have the privilege of being 49% women! The conversations, knowledge and learnings are beyond what I could have imagined. From preparing ‘momos’ with my Nepalese friend to co-chairing with a Latin American, from talking to the CEO of a startup in Bolivia to discussing fashion and sustainability with my friends from the Luxury and Marketing Club - the experiences that I have lived are endless.


  • Saïd Business School, has given each of us an incredible gift: the opportunity to explore our passions and interests. Abhinav, Helen, Laurence and I all share a common passion - the luxury and marketing industry. For this reason, we decided to carry on the legacy of the previous cohort with the objective of bridging the gap between the School and an industry that often feels distant from the business school. We are proud that we have accomplished three major events that have brought us closer to our dream:
  1. A conversation about art and culture with the Global Head of Arts and Culture at Chanel.
  2. A trek to Paris, connecting with alumni and visiting some of the world’s top luxury brands.
  3. A conversation with a former Burberry Chief of StaffThe year concluded with an opportunity to work as a consultant for Circle, a sustainable luxury sportswear brand, marking the pinnacle of our experience in the luxury industry.
  • My year can be summarized in many ways but one word that certainly applies is ‘experiment’. Throughout the year, I aimed to make the most of what the University of Oxford had to offer. This included participating in the Global Leadership Initiative, taking part in a beginner debate workshop at the Oxford Union, attending 20 formals and even learning how to play golf! These new experiences and the new skills now unblocked have rekindled a curiosity in me that has long been dormant. I hope to carry these newfound passions into the next chapter of my life.

This year may not turn out to be the best year of my life. I believe I still have much more to experience before making this judgment. However, what I can assure you is that my time at Oxford, and my time at Saïd Business School, is the period I will treasure most in my heart.

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