Albert goes to Oxford

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'It’s because book is king, and anyone who reads, wears a crown indeed' reads a favourite rhyme I wrote in my new children’s book Albert Goes to Oxford.

Envisioning to celebrate learning whilst drawing inspiration from the Oxford coat of arms: a book among three crowns.

Albert Goes to Oxford - Around the World of Knowledge is a rhymed knowledge adventure, published by my company Avriano. A heartwarming story of a little boy who is transported to Oxford through the book he is reading and embarks on a journey to learn ten of the greatest discoveries that have shaped our modern world, from the Pythagorean theorem to Einstein’s theory of relativity. During his journey he learns to inquire about the world around him, asking questions and seeking to understand how knowledge is developed, while building the confidence to dream big and pursue his dreams. 

Exactly a decade ago, I graduated with the postgraduate Diploma in Global Business at Saïd Business School, The University of Oxford. Reminiscing back on my time at Oxford, one of my absolute favourite quotes which I encountered during my diploma lectures was 'here I stand, I can do no other', and this is exactly how I felt in writing this book. The magic of learning at Oxford, the knowledge, the eternal quest to understand more and be more - I wanted to give all this to my son, to the children of fellow alumni, and to families around the world, inspiring them to read more, learn more, and become more. 

In the book you can reminisce about Oxford by reading about the Bodleian oath, see the Radcliffe Camera, and in the very last scene view the skyline of Oxford with Great Tom in the background. Beyond Oxford, the book has been designed around five principles that aim to inspire children in the magical world of knowledge: 

  1. Reading is a joy. By making books fly and talk, show that reading opens doors to new worlds. 
  2. Develop skills. Reinforce the skill of continuous learning by creating a story where learning becomes 'a journey, not a destination' 
  3. See books as an adventure. Embark on a knowledge adventure, where Albert chooses his destinations based on his curiosity to get answers to the questions he has. 
  4. Knowledge is a journey. The story shows how learning is both a personal and a collective journey. Albert follows a personal journey to expand his own knowledge of the world, while at the same time observing how each new discovery becomes the foundation for future advancements. 
  5. Make science relatable and build confidence. By making the advanced world of knowledge and science relatable to children from a young age, inspire a new generation to learn, think, and aspire to make their dreams a reality. 

The book includes many scientific scenes presenting discoveries from the Pythagorean theorem to the solar system, Einstein’s theory of relativity, the Uncertainty Principle, and Hubble’s galaxies. I am grateful to have worked with three Oxbridge alumni as scientific advisors for the book: my husband Dr. Bigler (Cambridge PhD Engineering), my brother Dr. Ploumakis (Oxford MBiochem and Harvard PostDoc) and Dr. Lundberg (Cambridge PhD Physics). 

Science is weaved into both the rhyme and the aquarelle illustrations. In one of the scenes with Einstein and the theory of relativity, as an example, we see how Albert observes time differently on a train and off the train, by showing an indicative time difference in the two respective clocks. The principles based on which the book has been designed, the development of the illustrations, and the writing of the rhyme all followed the intention to create a beautiful book that will inspire children and their families. 

We all likely came to Oxford excited and slightly intimidated, wanting to study at one of the best universities in the world. Over the course of our studies, we became part of a community that has changed our lives forever. I wrote Albert Goes to Oxford with the aim of bringing this level of excitement to young children with unparalleled scientific advice, a glimpse of Oxford, and a magical journey through knowledge and time. 

Sometimes, if we’re lucky, we come upon a book that stays with us, changes us, and makes us see the world differently than before. I hope my book can be this for you and that it becomes part of your family’s knowledge journey, filled with learning and adventure, just like at Oxford.

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