Wealth in wisdom: lessons learned from the Valuation of Private Assets programme

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Attending an Oxford business programme was a decision driven by the reputation of one of the world's best universities and the promise of a transformative learning experience. As I look back on this journey, I am eager to share the valuable insights gained and the impact it has had on my personal and professional growth.

Learning experience

The programme's learning experience was nothing short of enriching. The combination of lectures, group exercises and insightful live sessions created a dynamic environment. Working on a group case study with Ludovic Phalippou and Anna Koscielecka underscored the programme's practical approach, fostering collaboration among participants. Special guests like Yann Robbard, Andrew Baum and Matteo Botto Poala brought real-world perspectives, adding a significant boost to the overall class experience.

Personal and professional growth

The short yet intense nature of the programme proved instrumental in my personal and professional growth. I gained a deeper understanding of how the value of assets or companies can vary based on different methods or parameters. Exploring sectors from start-ups to infrastructure broadened my perspective on valuation, making me more adept in navigating the complexities of the business world. 


New skills and knowledge

Ludovic's class challenged my approach to company valuation, introducing concepts like EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes) and EBITDAR alongside traditional metrics like EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, amortization and rent) and discounted cash flow. These tools have become invaluable, providing a nuanced understanding crucial for effective negotiation in buying or selling scenarios.

Recommendations for others

For those considering joining this programme, I recommend reading Ludovic's book and acquiring basic Excel modelling skills beforehand. The fast-paced nature of the course demands a foundation understanding, ensuring maximum benefit from the wealth of knowledge shared in session.

Choosing Oxford and the programme's uniqueness 

Oxford's commitment to fostering genuine connections among classmates sets it apart. The time spent with peers and the relationships formed proved to be as valuable as the programme content itself. Last year, I completed the Oxford Real Estate Programme, and I can confidently say that it has been one of the most interesting aspects of both courses, adding an intriguing layer to my overall learning experience. 


Expectations and exceeding them

Entering the programme, my expectation was to better understand the differences in traditional valuation for assets or infrastructure versus start-ups. I can positively say the programme exceeded my expectations. Its depth, clarity, practicality and the inclusion of industry leaders as special guests made it a truly enriching experience.

Learning at Oxford has been a journey of growth, discovery and invaluable connections. It has equipped me with the knowledge and skills necessary for navigating the complexities of the business world.

As I move forward, I am confident that the lessons learned will continue to shape my professional endeavours and contribute to my success.

Oxford Programme on Valuation of Private Assets