Choosing the right programme

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Choosing the right programme

The reputation and prestige of the University of Oxford, along with its rich history, academic excellence and renowned faculty, served as an excellent foundation when it came to my search for a programme. However, considering my professional experience, I focused primarily on finding a course that offered practical exposure to real-life business scenarios, catering to the demands of today's dynamic business landscape. It was crucial for the course to provide relevant knowledge and insights that would be valuable to participants. Therefore, after learning about the Oxford Real Estate Programme, I knew it was the right course.

Valuable learning

My expectations of the programme were to stay updated on the global changes across different asset classes in real estate and to gain a general understanding of the changes occurring in this sector due to worldwide technological advancements. Additionally, I looked forward to expanding my network of real estate experts who shared similar aspirations and goals. After completing the course, I can positively say it met my expectations.

The entire curriculum was very valuable; however, these are the three sections I found particularly interesting:

  1. Capital Markets: The section on investment vehicles was very well presented and comprehensive, considering the duration of the course.
  2. Development: The Bishopgate Case presentation was particularly intriguing, especially for those in class who did not have direct development experience.
  3. Prop-tech: This section was excellent; I believe we have yet to fully grasp the significant changes coming to the real estate industry and the subsequent modifications in asset classes that will result from developing new technologies.

On the other hand, the programme covers a wide range of valuable material in a short period; therefore, I recommend reading Professor Andrew Baum's book before class to take in all the new information.

Reshaping perspective

'Eye-opening' would be the word to describe my experience. While most of the items covered in the class are day-to-day real estate fundamentals and operations, some straightforward life examples made you open your eyes, think differently and reshape your perspective.

The Oxford Real Estate Programme is one of the best real estate programmes in today's market; it perfectly balances academics, experience and the opportunity to network with like-minded key players with the same real estate investment and business vision.

It is well-organised and up-to-date in all relevant areas, such as portfolio management, risk management, capital markets and technology. It provides a unique network of worldwide executives sharing real-life experiences, various perspectives, and ways to look into the real estate business. The advantage of a diverse cohort, is the insights from different experts sharing their knowledge and the dynamics of the various working groups during class provide an edge in the field. The social interaction during the programme helped develop a strong relationship with group members and offered a great business platform.

The course also offers a great post-programme community and a rich network of students, alumni, and professors, which is of great importance since it allows us to continue the relationships and possibly build further personal and professional collaborations with future leaders.

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